Nintendo at the E3 2018

Nintendo at the E3 2018: what to expect from the Nintendo conference

Last year, Nintendo held a fairly restrained E3 conference, although it showed a teaser Metroid Prime 4, to which the fans of the series reacted violently, and mentioned that it creates new “Pokemon” for Switch. This year, the company’s performance should be much more interesting. First, it’s time to share information about the same Metroid. Secondly, we now know that the new “Pokemon” is Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee !, so there’s no point in hiding something about this. And other games for sure will be.
More about Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!

Probability: 99%

The new “Pokemon” Nintendo  announced recently – shortly before E3, and this only confirms that the company will give the game much attention to the presentation. In this case, the Japanese publisher, nor the developer specifically about Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! Do not tell. Only the trailer showed, from which it is obvious that both games will be connected to the Pokémon Go, and even in the “Pokemon” for the Switch, you can play with one jocone, the second one will come in handy to a friend if he visits you and wants to accompany you on a tour of the region Kanto.

In addition, Nintendo, along with the games released a real pokeball! Well, it’s not real, of course, plastic, but it will work as it should – that is, go crazy and attract your attention in every possible way, if in the world of Pokémon Go, created with the help of augmented reality, you find yourself near the Pokémon. Honestly, at 10 years old I would sell a soul for such a thing – because it is something beyond the edge.

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Gameplay Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

Probability: 90%

Teaser of the new Super Smash Bros. showed in March, but that’s what a teaser, of which it is understandable little. Judging by him, in the fighting game there will definitely be a place for characters from Splatoon, Mario and Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s too early to talk about other heroes. And about the game too, because in the teaser there was not a frame of gameplay, so all the hope for an E3 presentation. Doubts that Nintendo will show the game within the exhibition, no. The official name is also likely to reveal.

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Details about Yoshi

Probability: 90%

A new game about the dinosaur Yoshi Nintendo  announced last year at E3, along with Kirby Star Allies. As a result, to go on an adventure together with a pink sucking ball in a row it is possible now, but we never saw a game about one of Mario’s best friends.

In general, Yoshi (as long as this working title) should be released this year, therefore, at its presentation, Nintendo will most likely call the release date and in details will tell about the game itself. From the debut trailer, we only know that all the adventures of a dinosaur occur in a world consisting of cardboard, paper and plastic, and puzzles are tied to physics and the ability to rotate locations around the axis. Well, we are waiting for an exhibition even more gameplay.

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Bayonetta 3 gameplay

Probability: 80%

An important game primarily for Nintendo itself. In the past there were people who bought Wii U exclusively for the second part of Bayonetta, and now there are those for whom Switch has become much more attractive because of the announcement of the continuation. In other words, Bayonetta 3 is the game that will definitely attract the attention of not only longtime fans of the company.

Do you think that it’s not fair to produce such an amazing slasher on one and at the same time not the most popular console in the world? Probably, although it is necessary to give Nintendo due – she did not bury the sequel along with Wii U and released it on the Switch. Because it is important not only the third part, but the whole series. This is the publisher and will prove if he submits the gameplay of the new game within the E3 framework.

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New Trailer Mario Tennis Aces

Probability: 90%

Mario Tennis Aces, the simulator is clear that with the characters it is clear which series will be released on June 22, that is, a week after E3, so there is no doubt that Nintendo will pay attention to the game and remind about its imminent release. Most likely, more and a new trailer will show. However, first of all fans expect that the publisher will tell more about the plot mode.

Nintendo at the E3 2018: what to expect from the Nintendo conference.  - Image 6

Mention Octopath Traveler

Probability: 80%

In general, Octopath Traveler, an attractive role-playing game with detailed pixel graphics, will almost  certainly be at the Square Enix presentation that creates it. However, at the Nintendo conference about it, too, can remember, because this is an exclusive Switch. A lot of attention will not be given to it, but in some general video, which will include all the upcoming games for the portable console, Octopath Traveler will show.

Nintendo at the E3 2018: what to expect from the Nintendo conference.  - Image 7

The solution of the mystery of Metroid Prime 4

Probability: 70%

Metroid Prime 4 is a very mysterious game. That is, it is clear that this is likely to be another adventure with a first-person view, like the previous “Prime”, but in addition to the teaser, we have not been shown anything for a year since the announcement. We do not know how the game looks like it works on Switch, where it will appear, as innovative controllers of joysticks use. In general, some questions.

Nevertheless, Nintendo understands that many players will look forward to the exhibition and presentation just to see even a little gameplay of the fourth part. And the company, most likely, will show it.

Nintendo at the E3 2018: what to expect from the Nintendo conference.  - Picture 8

Announcement of the mysterious Star Fox Grand Prix

Probability: 30%

Interestingly, the fourth part of Metroid Prime is not at all engaged in Retro Studios, which was responsible for the past games of the series. Although the studio, according to rumors, still developing a project, which, again, it is  rumored , there may be a sudden racing spin-off series Star Fox, with a subtitle Grand Prix.

No evidence that such a game exists at all, but if the development is indeed under way, then Nintendo will not interfere with the announcement of the Star Fox Grand Prix at the upcoming exhibition.

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