How was the Internet invented?

How was the Internet invented?

Today, many times we forget that the Internet does not carry with us all our lives and that in reality it is something quite recent. If you have ever wondered how the Internet was invented, pay close attention because we will explain it in this report.


Samsung QLED Q9F 2018, analysis and opinion

Discover our impressions in this review and analysis of the new Samsung QLED Q9F 2018. A spectacular HDR 4K TV with which the Korean manufacturer aims to assault the high-end and face the emerging thrust of TVs with OLED technology. The great sports events such


WhatsApp would arrive natively to Windows 10

A native version of WhatsApp for Windows 10 could be up and running, if a recent leaked design from a Microsoft developer can be validated. In this way one of the main demands of users, for some time, would be met. Although WhatsApp is the most used instant

Download the Google tool for video editing VR180

Download the Google tool for video editing VR180

Google has made available a free tool for editing VR180 videos to provide creators with their work within this new format in the digital ecosystem. It should be remembered that last year Google announced a new format of virtual reality video known as VR180 , showing everything that could be

Flippy knife on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & MAC

Flippy Knife – accurately throw knives and other cold steel by setting this timecambler for the android platform. The gameplay is made as simple as possible, and control is carried out in just one finger touch. It is necessary to toss the knife a certain

Running Circles on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & MAC

Running Circles is an exciting arcade game for android devices with one-touch control and online multiplayer. You need to direct the character to move from one circle to another at their intersection, while collecting the crystals and go as far as possible. For the collected