A player manages to enter Fortnite’s LOST hatch, but his interior is not yet ready

The dinosaur footprints and the LOST hatch that appeared on the ‘Fortnite’ map after the meteorite update are the main clues we have for the new season. Although the first is easy to see with the naked eye and is even discussed in the challenges, the second was a mystery that now gains even more strength.

The issue is that the hatch, a clear tribute to the LOST series , was impassable and could not be broken, which led one to think that it was more than a simple Easter egg. Now a user has managed to cross it using a cart and we have been able to verify that its interior is prepared for something else.

Whatever Epic Games has in mind for that location is still a mystery, since the only thing that is inside is a gap large enough to house a room. The hatch may be the new meteorite , but it is still early to find out if it is one of the clues that will lead us to the next update.

Making calculations, the meteorite appeared around the week seven of the Battle Pass 3, so if you intend to follow a similar strategy so that we start talking about it, it is very likely that we will soon receive new clues. Until then, above you have the video to verify that the hatch is something more than a decorative element.

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