Apple does not trust too much in the 2018 iPhone

The Cupertino do not expect big sales of the iPhone in 2018 , as Nikkei advances in a latest report uncovering the company’s estimates of the bitten apple for this year.

Over the last few months we have been collecting information regarding the considerable drop in sales that the iPhone X has suffered , and that even Apple is looking for new business forms to balance accounts how it can be the inclusion of an advertising network to attract advertisers .

Now according to data provided by Nikkei, Apple orders have been reduced by up to 20% for the iPhone trio launched this September , compared to 100 million units of iPhone that were presented last year. In this way the Cupertino hope to reach the 80 million units sold for the iPhone generation of 2018.

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This year Apple is expected to unveil three different models of the iPhone : the successor itself of the iPhone X in the form of a 5.8-inch handset; a larger version of 6.5 inches; and also a cheaper iPhone 6.1 inches but with LCD panel.

While the real stars will be the iPhone 2018 with OLED screen , especially the 6.5 inches because it is a considerable size, it is expected that many sales go to the cheapest iPhone, since it is an opportunity to get a High performance iPhone at a lower price than usual.

It is expected that by September of this year the new iPhone models of 2018 will be announced , although those of Cupertino could focus more on the optimization of the device and the operating system instead of including so many new features, that if they were reserved for the iPhone of 2019 .

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