Apple is planning new release to make up for disappointment with iPhone X

Apple is preparing to launch a trio of smartphones later this year. The goal is to meet the new needs of customers – who want large screens that allow them to work – and make up for the public’s disappointment with the iPhone X.

The launch, which is due to take place in the fall of 2018, includes three new mobile phones: the largest iPhone ever, an iPhone X up graded a kind of low-cost model with some of the brand’s most innovative features.

The incursion into so-called “phablets,” the giant mobile phones that resemble tablets , comes at a time when Apple’s main market is Asia – which ranks on big cell phones. The screen of the new model should be 16.5 cm and, even if the phone’s body is similar to the iPhone 8, the image turns out to be two centimeters higher due to the feature of infinite screen , started with iPhone X. The “most iPhone always “ will include the ability to split the screen when working with some applications. Despite optimism, Apple is worried that the new mobile phone will dump iPad sales, which have begun to recover recently.

Another of the novelties that Apple plans to implement with this new giant model is the inclusion of a dual-SIM system. Assuming itself as the favorite mobile phone brand of the big business owners, Apple wants to allow customers who travel frequently do not have to switch SIM cards whenever they change country.

Consumers’ poor adherence to the recent iPhone X led Apple to decide to improve the model it launched in late 2017. According to Bloomberg , the apple brand had stipulated to sell 80.2 million units by the end of last year: sold 77.3 million. The public was discouraged by the value of the phone, which costs almost 1000 euros, and although the general opinion about the new design is positive, it was expected something more disruptive.

The three mobile phones will have the Face ID identification system , a deeper presence of the Siri digital assistant, greater digital health monitoring and the possibility of using Animojis in FaceTime. Both the giant model, the upgrade of the iPhone X the low cost model will work under the operating system iOS 12. The main difference of the cheapest phone for the other two is the absence of the infinite screen.

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