Apple may have canceled iPhone SE 2 design to focus on iPhone 9

Rumors indicated that Apple should release its iPhone SE 2 during WWDC 2018 . However, when the final presentation ended, fans realized that the device would not arrive, which left many people frustrated.

The novelty of the time is that, according to an accessory manufacturer, the iPhone SE 2 was not released by Apple because the Cupertino company is very involved in the elaboration of the iPhone 9 and with the other models that will be released in the second half.

Olixar would have even begun to produce layers for the new device. However, upon his cancellation, the company had to change its plans. So, the iPhone SE will be original, that is, it will not gain continuity.

According to Olixar, the iPhone SE will not receive another version. Apple, according to information, never did a search of popularity of the device to make viable a successor, which shows lack of interest of the company of Apple in proceeding with the edition.

The initial speculation might even be correct about the launch of the iPhone SE 2, but over time the company would have shifted its focus and abandoned its production. Apple, as usual, has not commented on its plans.

It is worth mentioning that all the information, due to the lack of an official confirmation from Apple, are nothing more than rumors. However, by the floor of the car, it is quite difficult that Apple even invest in the iPhone SE 2, in case it appeared, should have already happened.

Thus, with the supposed cancellation of the iPhone SE 2, attention is focused on the new devices that are expected to be released in the second half,

As always, we will be attentive to the news and any of them will be passed on to the dear readers. Let’s wait!

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