AppleFlix? Apple’s streaming platform may get cheaper than competitors

As we all know, streaming services for movies and shows are on the rise. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are good examples of this, having conquered the market in several countries with their great collections and still original productions. Now, a new service should arrive to compete with the companies already consecrated.

Apple, it seems, is quite close to launching its paid streaming service which, incidentally, should be cheaper than the competition.

The cheapest Netflix subscription in the United States comes out at $ 10.99 a month. Apple is expected to launch its service for $ 9.99. To top it all, in addition to the value, renowned names in film and TV will have movies, series and programs made available by Apple.

Apple plans to launch streaming platform cheaper than competitors Apple plans to launch streaming platform cheaper than competitors
Last Friday, the company has confirmed that Oprah Winfrey will have a “multi-year content partnership” with the host, actress, producer, philanthropist and CEO of its own television channel, OWN. To complete, Steven Spielberg is expected to bring the reboot of “Amazing Stories,” an anthology series of science fiction, fantasy and horror from the 1980s.

The History of Apple In addition to these names, La La Land producer Damien Chazelle will also make a series written and directed by himself for Apple’s streaming platform. Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul will also gain space on Apple’s service with “Are You Sleeping?” The series still does not have many details, we know only that the actor of Breaking Bad will interpret a killer.
Anyway, still no information on when Apple will announce the official arrival of its streaming platform for movies and series. We also can not confirm that it will contain only original content.

As soon as we have any news on the subject, we will certainly bring it to you! Wait!

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