Apps adapted to the Alcatel 1X 18: 9 screen

The 18: 9 screen format is here to stay. Due to its many advantages, the mobile phone industry has surrendered to this aspect ratio. However, do not think you have to buy an expensive high-end smartphone to enjoy this panel: the Alcatel 1X puts at your fingertips a screen of 18: 9 and has a price of the most adjusted .

But why is this trend triumphing? The main advantage of which the user benefits with this aspect ratio is that the screen occupies a larger area in the same space . And is that, being the most elongated panel, provides a larger viewing surface than another mobile of the same size with a screen of 16: 9.

Thanks to this, you can see more content when you browse the Internet, consult a larger area of ​​the map when you are following a route, or take photos and videos with an additional space to those that do the 16: 9 terminals .

On the other hand, another advantage of 18: 9 screens is that it allows you to operate the mobile more easily with just one hand. This is possible because the device is thinner and can be grasped with greater ease. If the smartphone also incorporates a single-hand mode as is the case with the Alcatel 1X, it will be even more convenient to operate.

There are applications specially adapted for the fashion aspect ratio that will allow you to benefit from these advantages. Here we leave the most representative that can not miss on your mobile:

  • Netflix . The platform of movies and series has become one of the essential applications for users. The company is committed to the 18: 9 format, also called Univisium, for many of its original production content, including House of Cards and Stranger Things, so that with the Alcatel 1X you can enjoy them in this format.
  • VLC . It is one of the preferred video players for Android by users. One of its most outstanding features is that it allows you to manually adjust the aspect ratio of the content you are viewing, so you can view the videos you record with your mobile in its original format.
Alcatel 1X
  • Opera . Internet browsing is one of the great beneficiaries of the 18: 9 format. The Opera browser is an interesting alternative to Google Chrome and allows you to take advantage of the entire screen to view the contents of web pages. 
  • Amazon Kindle . The 18: 9 aspect ratio of the Alcatel 1X screen is also ideal for reading. With the Amazon Kindle app you can turn your mobile into an eReader to enjoy reading wherever you are. 
  • Google Maps . Navigating to your destination with Google Maps will be much more comfortable with a screen of 18: 9, since you have more space to see what happens in traffic and anticipate in case there are problems. 

You have already seen all the advantages offered by the 18: 9 screens. If you would like to have a cell phone with this panel at the best price,  the Alcatel 1X is the perfect alternative.

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