Protect sensitive skin from pollution.

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Protect sensitive skin from pollution.

A big problem for people with sensitive skin is that  the skin has accumulated damage to the skin’s delicate barrier. Over time, the skin becomes more sensitive. stimulation of the condition Hypersensitivity The body’s immune system responds excessively to things that trigger allergic reactions in the skin. The result is that when the skin is exposed to pollution, dust, sunlight, and various chemicals, hypersensitivity occurs, causing red skin, burning sensations, itching, rashes, and skin irritation. or even a rash And if combined with clogged pores It can cause acne. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Which uses nourishing cream for sensitive skin.

That can increase moisture and restore the skin’s protective barrier. It’s still not enough to make the skin recover from the condition. Hypersensitivity can cause irritation and rashes. After the skin is exposed to pollution, dust, smoke, and various chemicals.

Therefore, taking care of skin that has Hypersensitivity Not only must you choose skin care products that provide moisture. Restores the skin’s protective barrier But you still need to help reduce the condition. Hypersensitivity at the inner surface, such as SymSitive technology that has properties in stopping obstruct reception – Sends sensory nerve impulses between skin cells , which is like reducing hypersensitivity stimulation from pollution, dust, smoke, sunlight, and when used continuously in the long term, it will cause the skin to be less stimulated. More resistant to external factors that affect the skin, such as pollution, dust, and smoke. Reducing various symptoms and rashes as well.

In addition, it is important to nourish the skin so that the skin creates moisture and strengthens the outer layer of the skin. The product contains BioACTIVE, a biologically active substance. It has the ability to restore the skin’s protective barrier that is fragile and has been accumulated to be stronger. This will help restore fragile, sensitive skin cells to become strong. Have better skin health in the long run.

However, those who have the condition Hypersensitivity. 

You should avoid various substances that can cause irritation to the skin, such as perfume, alcohol, parabens, or other preservatives. And even the emulsifiers in the cream itself should be packaged in bottles that prevent contamination from bacteria, such as bottles with vacuum pump heads. This will help increase confidence that it is gentle on the skin.