Bethesda sue Warner because his Westworld game copies the Fallout Shelter code

Bethesda has sued Behavior Entertainment and Warner Bros.  because the game based on the Westworld series they have published is a “cheeky plagiarism” of Fallout Shelter ; not only because the design is similar, but because they share code in sufficient measure to have common bugs .

Behavior Entertainment worked with Bethesda on the development of Fallout Shelter, as explained in the lawsuit (you can read full below). After the launch of the Westworld series , Warner contacted Behavior to develop a game based on it, and from there came the “shameless plagiarism” referred to in the lawsuit: “Working with the same copyrighted code used in Fallout Shelter, Westworld has the same game design, artistic style, features and other elements of gameplay , or very similar, that Fallout Shelter, all of which is owned by Bethesda ».

Up to here perhaps one could think of a lawsuit similar to the one that PUBG Corp. filed accusing Epig Games of plagiarism by the resemblance between Fortnite and its Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, which lit the fuse of the current popularity of the battle royale genre . But no: such is the resemblance between Fallout Shelter and Westworld that both games share even bugs . 

As stated in point 8 of the complaint, “the code with copyright and property of Bethesda that Behavior used to develop Westworld even includes the same bugs or defects present in the Fallout Shelter code. For example, Westworld’s trial version includes a software bug or code defect present in an early version of Fallout Shelter delivered to Bethesda by Behavior during the development of the game. This software bug appears when the player starts the trial version of the game Westworld. Specifically, “the demand details,” the view is out of focus and the scene is more to the right and down “than it should be,” as if the camera capturing the scene was pointing inadvertently towards the lower right-hand plane and then refocus the central image lentally ».

Therefore, Bethesda claims copyright infringement, breach of contract and disclosure of trade secrets.

Later in the lawsuit, Bethesda provides more evidence, including images, with which it is to prove the suspicious resemblance between the two games, bugsaside. The company seeks compensation for “statutory damages, direct damages, the benefits of Behavior and Warner Bros., restitution and attorneys’ fees and costs.”

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