Bridge Constructor Playground Bridge Designer on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & MAC

Bridge Constructor Playground – learn how to build bridges in this logical game. There are no limits to your imagination, everything is possible here. There are more than 30 interesting levels in the game, where you build bridges across large abysses and riverbeds. Then the bridges are tested to find out if they can bear the weight of the cars and trucks passing through them. The Bridge Constructor Playground game is not that difficult for a beginner player, as it may seem at first glance, in addition, it includes a full training part. You will not be constrained by the means, so you can use almost any building materials, so you can show your imagination to the maximum. Do whatever you want: you can do creative construction of bridges, forgetting about time! Experienced gamers like the new system of icons – you can get up to 5 icons for each bridge, if some conditions are met (for example, the specified limit of sustained loads will not be exceeded). In combination with a colorful and comfortable user interface, the game “Bridge Constructor Playground” for android devices is a curious and interesting activity for people of all ages, in which you can immerse yourself forgetting about time. Features Bridge Constructor Playground / Designer Bridges: 32 interesting levels; A terrain map with unlocked worlds / levels; 5 variants of relief: city, gorge, beach, mountains and hills; Full introductory part, making it easier to learn the game; 4 types of building materials: wood, steel, metal cables and piles of concrete; Added a system of icons for beginners and experienced players; 2 different levels of load – for cars and trucks; The permissible load of materials is reflected in color schemes and percentages; The best achievements for each level passed; Support for social networking Facebook (adding screenshots and accounts).

Bridge Constructor Playground
Bridge Designer

How to run Bridge Constructor Playground
Bridge Designer on your PC

To install the mobile version of Bridge Constructor Playground
Bridge Designer
on your computer, you will need to install the BlueStacks emulator first. To download the emulator, use the link, after downloading the BlueStacks, run its installation.

Download games from Google Play. Open the application store in the main window of the emulator, enter the name of the application in the search engine.

To download it to your computer, you will need to use a Google Account. To do this, confirm the account with a login and password, after which the will be available for download and installation.

Bridge Constructor Playground
Bridge Constructor Playground
Developer: Headup
Price: 1,99 €

Install Bridge Constructor Playground
Bridge Designer on PC Using Bluestacks

  1. Download and Install BlueStacks
  2. Open and run BlueStacks
  3. Choose the Market from where you want to Install it, Choose Play Store.
  4. If asked for ID, put it.
  5. Now in Google Play Store Click the Search button.
  6. Enter the Bridge Constructor Playground
    Bridge Designer
    in it.
  7. Install The .
  8. Go To Drawer and Open the from Main Menu and Enjoy.

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That’s all for Bridge Constructor Playground
Bridge Designer on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & MAC
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