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Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts: Android podcasts app released

Now Android users will enjoy the official Google Podcasts app, which was released on Tuesday (19). The news is warmly welcomed as users of the iPhone’s iOS operating system already had an app for the format for years. Google Podcasts is now available for download


Moto Z3 Play variant with 6 GB of memory arrives

The variant of Moto Z3 Play equipped with more RAM and storage arrived for R $ 2,699. The Motorola started selling your player via their official website, but also in the brand kiosks and major retailers. Motorola’s new premium intermediary comes in two versions. One with 6 GB of RAM

New Android Beta Q

Google Releases New Android Beta Q: Developer Preview 3

The Google unveiled the Android P for about a month. The novelty for this week is that the company released the download of the third previous version of the system, known as Android P Developer Preview 3 with release code PPP3.180510.008. Following the custom, the system reaches the

GOG Easter egg lets you play Pong and Snake

Companies often hide secrets in their games that sometimes take years to see the light. This practice is also common in various websites. If you are a GOG user , you may be surprised to learn that it hides an easter egg that allows you to play some classic titles.

What is Memoji

What is Memoji and what does it consist of?

At the last Apple developer conference, the company presented the Memoji. But do you know what they are or what they are? We tell you At the last Apple developer conference, the company presented the Memoji. But do you know what they are or what they are? We tell

Xiaomi WiFi Repeater

Xiaomi WiFi Repeater, is it worth it?

The world of WiFi repeaters is quite complex, especially if you add the possibility of buying a PLC with WiFi, although it is not necessary if you want an economic signal repeater. And for economic, the Xiaomi Mi WiFi 2, a repeater that only costs 15 euros and


There will be character editor in Nioh 2

When Nioh 2 was announced at the Sony conference at E3 2018 , we are left with doubts about who would be the protagonist. In the original Nioh of 2017, also signed by Team Ninja , he allowed us to be William Adams , but he will not repeat as the main character in the sequel. The


Fortnite will only have Battle Royale mode in Switch

One of the important announcements of the E3 2018 in the framework of the Nintendo conference has been that Fortnite will also be available on the Nintendo Switch . Although now we know that it will only do in its Battle Royale mode , something that seemed to be deducted from the words of Reggie Fils-Aime in his presentation,

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch on December 7

It was one of Nintendo’s most anticipated ads and it has not disappointed! During its special Nintendo Direct for the E3 2018 , the Great N has presented the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch , confirming that all the characters appeared to date will be in this fighting game! This leaves us with a roster of fighters