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Google Now for Android

Google Now for Android

Google Now for Android is the personal assistant of Google, which is on most Android devices, this assistant is activated when you buy the mobile device, this means that automatically your microphone will be active all day, and what does this mean? ? Apart from the

How to quickly clean all Whatsapp "fats"

How to quickly clean all Whatsapp “fats”

Whatsapp is one of the most widely used messaging applications on Android and iOS smartphones . Practical and efficient, it is still an appwith its problems. Main? The space you use with automatic downloads of all kinds of photos and videos, from the newborn images of the distant cousin in the family

Seven apps that are running your battery low

The battery of our phones is one of its most precious resources because the technology advances at a slower pace than the other components. Yes, the different versions of Android include improvements to improve autonomy , but in the end no matter how much battery you have, it