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IPhone anti-invasion system

IPhone anti-invasion system with iOS 12 has already been hacked

This week, news reports that Apple is developing a feature that prevents companies from hacking iPhones  and collaborating with the FBI in investigations. It is worth mentioning that the security agency has a big fight with Apple regarding cases in which requests the unlocking of iPhones . Apparently, the new

iPhone SE 2 design

Apple may have canceled iPhone SE 2 design to focus on iPhone 9

Rumors indicated that Apple should release its iPhone SE 2 during WWDC 2018 . However, when the final presentation ended, fans realized that the device would not arrive, which left many people frustrated. The novelty of the time is that, according to an accessory manufacturer, the iPhone SE 2 was

how to format i phone 6

iPhone 6: how to format it and start from scratch

An iPhone 6 is a mobile phone that has been on the market for more than two years and that is something that is noticeable. But that’s not why you need a new smartphone. You can always format it and leave it as it left the factory , you will notice improvement.  Apple


Eight IOS features that we already had on Android

Early last May, Google announced a collection of new products at the conference Google I / O , including the first beta Android P . But Google is not the only company that has an event dedicated to software, Apple also has its own appointment for developers. It’s called WWDC and it’s celebrated


Apple does not trust too much in the 2018 iPhone

The Cupertino do not expect big sales of the iPhone in 2018 , as Nikkei advances in a latest report uncovering the company’s estimates of the bitten apple for this year. Over the last few months we have been collecting information regarding the considerable drop in sales that