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Blade Quest on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & MAC

Blade Quest – start the race through the lands of fantasy world in this runner with pumping weapons and armor hero. You are waiting for a swift journey through several locations, each of them has to bypass the traps, make jumps, use the sword to

Kuhus Planet Planet Kuhu on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & MAC

Kuhus Planet is an arcade shooter with endless gameplay where you find yourself in a quirky world and will shoot at flying enemies. The beings from the planet Kuhu rejoiced lives until terrible monsters appeared, now you need to protect them and destroy the villains.

Striker Soccer: America 2015 on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & MAC

Striker Soccer: America 2015 – it’s time to bring your team to the leaders of the American Football Championship. Choose one of the national teams of South and North America and play exciting football, managing players on the field. Conduct friendly matches, try to win

Fast Like A Fox on PC / Windows 7.8.10 & MAC

Fast Like A Fox – collect stolen treasures while playing for a fox in this ranner with an unusual control system. Take part in an endless race over snow-covered valleys, lava caves, urban areas and other notable places. The main difference in this game is


Microsoft again denied that Halo 5 will reach PC

There is as much news during an event as E3 2018 that it is common for even the companies themselves to make mistakes. For example, something similar seems to have happened with Halo 5: Guardians , which in the last hours had starred in a


LawBreakers goes to free-to-play on Steam

LawBreakers , the action-packed Boss Key Productions videogame , the closed studio of Cliff Bleszinski , has appeared today cataloged on its Steam purchase card as a free-to-play access product. We remember that the multiplayer FPS abandoned this payment model shortly after announcing itself, arriving