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How to block calls from a phone number

How to block calls from a phone number on Android (and iPhone)

The option of blocking  calls a phone number exists in both Android  and  in iPhone , although the particularities of the first of the two systems (of Google), how to do this varies depending on the brand of mobile. However, normally they are usually tiny variations, so what we are going to tell you is valid for your

chrome notification

How do I turn off Chrome notifications?

Do you know how to turn off Chrome notifications? Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to get rid of those often annoying alerts we can no longer take on our PC screen. The vast majority of sites have requested your location or permission to send you

How to download and play Free Fire Battlegrounds on PC?

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a multiplayer battle game for Android and iOS from 111dots Studio. The game was in public beta for a while before being officially released on December 4. It has a wide variety of weapons to choose from and you can drive vehicles on

how to format i phone 6

iPhone 6: how to format it and start from scratch

An iPhone 6 is a mobile phone that has been on the market for more than two years and that is something that is noticeable. But that’s not why you need a new smartphone. You can always format it and leave it as it left the factory , you will notice improvement.  Apple

How to view the Ubisoft conference on E3 2018 online

We tell you how to see the Ubisoft conference of the E3 2018 online so you do not miss anything of what the company presents during the most important video game fair of the year. The E3 2018 does not stop and today it is also the turn of Ubisoft  to