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Mozilla works in a web browser that is controlled by voice

Mozilla revealed that he is working on a web browser that is controlled by voice. This is the Scout project and the goal is for the application to surf the Internet and consume content through voice. Little by little, the virtual assistants have been gaining ground . Its use is spreading,

Steam in China

Valve makes official the arrival of Steam to China

Valve plans to officially take Steam to China to bring its distribution service, gaming library and gaming platform to one of the most important audiences in the world. The plan was announced yesterday along with Perfect World , a company based in Shanghai with which Valve has previously worked to launch the versions

This is the most powerful supercomputer

This is the most powerful supercomputer

It has just been proclaimed that it is the most powerful new supercomputer in the world , called Summit, it is from the United States and it has surpassed all its Chinese rivals that dominated the market for years. IBM and Nvidia have created what is now the most

Yahoo! Messenger closes after 20 years

Yahoo! has announced that next July 17 will definitely close the Yahoo! Messenger , the popular instant messaging app that was born 20 years ago. Despite the efforts, the platform has not been able to cope with modern applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger , and finally say goodbye next

Download all photos from Instagram

How to download all photos from Instagram?

Have decided to delete your account, but before that would like to download all the photos from Instagram? It turns out that this is not difficult at all! In one of the last articles we told how to “get”  other people’s stories,  and today we will share the