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The Pillars of the Earth


Guillermo the Conqueror appears like a pacifying king in the  Tapestry of Bayeux , an embroidery woven between years 1066 and 1082 “to be exhibited the day of the consecration of the cathedral of the city”, explain our companions of the  Country. The fabric fulfills, in part, a propaganda

VAMPYR (PS4) Review

VAMPYR (PS4) Review

We all have a crystalline image of what it means to be a vampire. A being of the night , who feeds on the blood of the living and who is able to move at breakneck speed. Your skin burns when it comes in contact with sunlight; It also burns

Onrush Game Review

Onrush Game Review

It is impossible to start the Onrush analysis without mentioning the team behind it. The former developer Evolution Studios, creator of one of the most addictive games to launch PlayStation 3, MotorStorm , returns to the fold with a new job now under the aegis of Code masters but still maintaining its residence in Cheshire.

Touhou Azure Reflections Review

“Touhou Azure Reflections” Review

The story of the game begins with a short story where Sakuya Izayoi remembers the events that occurred previously during the “Scarlet Mist”  incident where Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame joined forces to face Remilia Scarlet and stop her plans. Later Sakuya indicates that the incident is about to

Unforeseen Incidents, analysis

Unforeseen Incidents: Review

Unforeseen Incidents is a point-and-click graphic adventure aimed at the adult audience. In it, Harper Pendrell , an amateur technician and resigned to the decadent life of the agonizing Yelltown , will be involved in solving the mystery and conspiracy that is hidden behind the deadly disease that consumes his hometown.  Backwoods Entertainment are

Review of Heroes of Empire

Review of Heroes of Empire

Review of Heroes of Empire: Age of War Heroes of Empire: Age of War is a new multiplayer 3D strategy with interesting features. Before the player opens a huge new world, waiting for its conqueror. He himself acts as the lord of a small town. From his

Review of "Knight's Progress"

Review of “Knight’s Progress”

Review of “Knight’s Progress”: a chess puzzle “Going Horse” is a chess puzzle that pleasantly surprises with simple, but addictive gameplay and charming graphics. The game stands out prominently on the background of other novelties on Google Play, as among numerous logical applications chess puzzles

Gray Dawn

Gray Dawn: Review

Gray Dawn – horror for insulting the feelings of believers Useless symbolism or powerful religious utterance? About Gray Dawn, we learned quite by accident – on the editorial mail from the authors came the release. Trailers and screenshots looked great – it turned out that this