Criticism of Dragon Ball Z Bursts the duel, the original Broly movie

Now that the legendary super saiyan is back in vogue with the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we take the opportunity to remember the original movie. With Dragon Ball Z: The duel bursts, we discover the definitive rival for Goku … Or, at least, the more “mazado”.

Surely, the most remembered enemy of the Dragon Ball movies is Bro ly . In Spain we first met him by that Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 2 of Super Nintendo , but when Dragon Ball Z  Est arrived there the duel to our country (called in its original version Moetsukiro !! Nessen – Ressen – Chougekisen and later adapted to Spain as It burns, a fiery, intense and ferocious super battle ), all the fans fell in love with him … If you can apply that expression. This villain gave a new twist to the concept of Super Saiyan.

Now, that the next Dragonball Super movie: Broly is going to reinvent the character, it’s a good time to look back and remember how we were impacted by his original appearance, 25 years ago. Although the manganime had said that reaching that state was something worthy of legend, in reality there was a super saiyan more special than all the others that could be: the Super Saiyan Legendary . He would have the power to destroy entire galaxies and it would be impossible to stop. 

That concept is interesting in itself, but also had the success of linking in a very special way to Goku and Broly : they are rivals from the same day they were born and were together in the room of babies. Of course, it could seem forced that Broly has such an irrational hatred towards the protagonist, but the truth is that the film expresses very well how deranged the first one is because of the gigantic power that does not stop growing in him.

We go with the origin of the names. Both Broli and his father Paragus are Saiyanos of pure strain, so their names had to come from vegetables. That’s right: “Broly” is a contraction of the word “broccoli” (in fact, Mutenroshi calls it that, both in the original and the Spanish version), while Paragus comes from … Asparagus, asparagus.

The tortuous relationship of father and son is another of the axes of the film: Paragus is ambitious and manipulative, but deep down he is a slave of a son who increasingly controls less. For its part, Broly is a force of nature. So much, that it can not even be controlled. That scene in which you need to expel energy because you can not control it all (and, by the way, wipes out half the planet) is very significant. Broli is not the typical boss boss who is accompanied by subordinates, as happened in previous films. He alone is enough to maintain the dramatic weight of the whole story. Small blows! They almost really hurt! One would have to wonder why this sound effect was used when walking (it sounds like an old rocking chair), but otherwise it is blunt like no one else.

When he unleashes all his power and embeds again and again the other super saiyanos against the walls, it really gives the feeling that this guy is unbeatable. It seems that none will be able to emerge victorious in this Dragon Ball movie . Vegetaspends a few minutes in shock, because he is unable to assimilate what happens. Piccolo, who does not give up, throws with contempt a Vegeta who does not even flinch. For his part, Goku keeps trying again and again, because that is his nature. Still, there are certain times when he is so overwhelmed by the strength and vitality of Broly that he can not help but let out a nervous laugh.

For all this, we dare to say that it is the Dragon Ball movie with the best character development (if we ignore a different future and the last combat , of course) and with the dramatic crescendo better adjusted. It’s a pity that, right at the end, everything is going to sink in two ways. First, that the method is “improvised” so that Goku accumulates energy. It turns out that all his allies raise their hands and send it to him (via Wi-Fi or something like that) so he can add it to his. It is not a Genkidama , it is something different that had never happened in the manga. And eye, it does not seem bad to apply, but its use is very strange without saying what it is or how they have learned to do that.

The other aspect, without a doubt the most relevant, is that Goku has just one brutal blow. The truth, after seeing it again, cuts the roll. Goku has been receiving sticks from an aggressive maniac for several minutes and one is left wanting Broly toreceive some more cane for revenge. “Dispacharlo” of a blow is abrupt, although its final explosion is spectacular. Could it be that we are becoming sadists?

There are other questionable aspects in the movie. Above all, the constant interventions of Mutenroshi , who is drunk throughout the film. Yes, it is understood that it is the necessary comic relief, but his “gags” seem excessive and too clownish. You’re looking forward to getting out of the way at once so that the action can continue …

Eye to the “song moment” of Krilín, for which, logically, a melody that had nothing to do with the original was removed from the manga. There will be whoever it seems an aberration, although we must recognize the creative work of the actress Angeles Neira … By the way, another relevant information about Krilin: in this film decides, finally, that is not up to par and prefers not to fight . It’s a shame, but also a sensible decision, do not you think?

In short, the film is far from perfect for reasons of rhythm (the Chichí court at the beginning also seems a little dumb), but it is certainly much more intense, attractive and exciting minutes than others. It is a pity what they would exploit after the “poor” villain with The Return of Broly or, worse, The final combat . Of course, we hope that the new Dragon Ball Super: Broly will fulfill, this time, our most muscular dreams.


One of the most tense and interesting films of Dragon Ball. The rhythm is irregular butt, but it offers very good moments and is well animated.

The best

Broly is a great villain in this movie: seemingly invincible, uncontrolled and fearsome.


The abrupt end, which leaves us with honey on the lips. Mutenroshi is certainly very heavy.

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