Days Gone will not have loading times

Days Gone , despite its proximity, had no presence at the Sony conference at E3 2018 . Possibly because the Japanese company wanted to focus its event on showing some of its great exclusives that had not yet been seen in motion. However, that has not been an impediment to the open world game and zombies of Sony Bend Studio not signs of life at the fair.

The Gaming Bolt portal, for example, provides some brief details about how its open world is conceived. Very interesting details that assure us, for example, that there will be no loading times in Days Gone , and that the environments will be explorable.

Apparently, Sony Bend Studio has ensured that each interior offers two ways of playable operation. On the one hand as a refuge in case of being harassed by creatures and, on the other, as a place to explore and possible nest of threats and / or rich booty to accumulate.

Days Gone set release date just a few days ago, and have assured from Sony Bend Studio that they want to take PS4 to the limit .

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