Download the Google tool for video editing VR180

Google has made available a free tool for editing VR180 videos to provide creators with their work within this new format in the digital ecosystem.

It should be remembered that last year Google announced a new format of virtual reality video known as VR180 , showing everything that could be done with it and even appealing to different brands such as Lenovo or LG to launch cameras compatible with this new standard. .

Well, now they have just created a free tool for editing VR180 videos that anyone can download, although it is obviously focused on those who are making use of this new video format. The good thing is that this program is free for both users with Mac or Linux, and basically covers two important functions.

Google VR180

The idea of ​​this application is to allow creators to capture virtual reality videos of this format so that they can also be viewed from a 2D perspective.

Thanks to this tool , creators are allowed to transform the VR180 file into standard format so that it can be edited in other programs such as Adobe Premiere . In addition, after being edited the video in other popular programs, this tool also allows us to add the metadata of the VR180 format and then upload it to other platforms such as YouTube.

Google has made this tool available to allow greater use of this format, focused on the creators of video editing. If you are interested in trying this free tool from Google, you can download it from the following link .

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