Final Cut Pro X Sync [How to]

In this article, we’ll tell you how to easily and easily synchronize audio and video in Final Cut in just a couple of clicks!

If you work in the video editor of Final Cut Pro X and until the last moment synchronized the sound with the video and the sound from the loop itself, moving the files on the timeline, then for sure you realized that this is too complicated and takes a lot of time. Therefore, it’s easiest to synchronize audio and video in Final Cut Pro X with built-in tools!

How to synchronize audio and video in Final Cut Pro X?

  1. Add the necessary files to the library.
  2. Then select the first file and then press the CMD button and select other required files
  3. Right-click to bring up an additional menu and select “Synchronize Clips …” or simultaneously press three keys – ALT + CMD + G
  4. Now click OK in the appeared, after which a new file with synchronized sound will appear in the file libraries.
  5. Do you still have additional questions? Ask them in the comments, talk about what you got or vice versa! That’s all! Stay with the DroidWhiz, more will be even more interesting!

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