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Garena Free Fire on PCGarena Free Fire – a cool thriller for fans of survival in an extreme situation. Here you have to become a participant in the fierce battle for survival. Download Garena Free Fire on their computers already wanted many fans of this genre, and according to their reviews, the game turned out pretty good.

About the game

As the main character will perform a desperate hero jumping from an aeroplane to an unknown location. As a position for disembarkation – a tropical island lost in the ocean, looking from the air as a real paradise. However, the island is not as safe as it seems from a height.

At the first start, you will have a difficult choice – to make the main character a man or a woman. choosing the heroes does not depend on anything, so choose either.

When you decide on the floor – start choosing clothes. The variety of clothes is quite large: from beach “costume” to military pants and snow-white shirts. If you suddenly want to match fashion trends, remember – the more insignificant your outfit will be, the higher your chances of survival.

So, the choice of sex and clothing is complete. Now start choosing the game mode. There are two of them here, so there will be no special difficulties:

  • Single, in which you will go through missions alone, fighting and surviving on your own. Solo mode is preferred by experienced players, newcomers will better go through the game in the team – the care of more advanced “colleagues” will help survive in a harsh world.
  • Command version. It will be a suitable option for beginner gamers, but it will require you to be very attentive and need to listen to the commander’s explanations. Remember – in the team game, all captured and found trophies will need to be divided equally for your entire group. To start a career in a team, you can join both an existing group and recruit your squad.

When you decide on the mode, the game process begins. You will find yourself at the landing site with a crowd of other participants. Each of them is your competitor in the struggle for life. Try to closely monitor each character, trying to determine his strategy of behaviour. The waiting for the launch will not take much time – soon all “survivors” will be loaded on board the aircraft flying towards the island.

During the flight, you will have to independently determine the “bridgehead” for disembarkation. For the start, the small building will be the best – here is the most likely chance to find something useful. Do not think that on a large base you have more chances to acquire everything necessary – most players will land on large bases, so there will be fewer chances.

The meaning of Garena Free Fire on the PC is to remain the only survivor in this unfriendly location. It would not have been so bad if there were not 49 competitors in the fight for a place in the sun. Help from the outside is not worth it – you will have to rely solely on your own resources.

In the beginning, your hero will have only a knife, and as a flak jacket – “suit”, chosen before the start. The rest of the upgrade will have to be obtained by killing and robbing other players, rummaging through buildings, etc. Remember, the steeper your equipment – the better target you will be for marauders.

Your route and available tasks are displayed on the map on the left side of the screen. Also, it shows your competitors, so it is more often to check the card. The energy reserve of the main character is limited, so periodically you will have to stop to recover.

To restore the “energy balance”, try to choose the safest areas where the hero will not be threatened by a sudden attack of other gamers. For example, an abandoned building or an abandoned military bunker – they are easily controlled from all sides and protected from invasion by “uninvited guests”.

Playing in Garena Free Fire on the computer, it is simply impossible to predict the outcome of the battle. The results of these improvised “Hunger Games” depend on the talents of the players and the team’s harmony, so sometimes you can stay alone in the first 15-20 minutes. passing, and sometimes – to spend a day and ineptly perish from an attack from the back.

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Features of the game

  • Several variants of the game strategy for pumping equipment and weapons: robbery, a search of locations, killing rivals, etc.
  • Incredible chaos in the locations. Simultaneously with your hero on the island will be up to 50 other “survivors”, so strive for survival will have to go all out.
  • If you do not want to play alone – create a team of 2-4 people or join an existing grouping.
  • A large map with a lot of available locations: from the forest to an abandoned military training ground.
  • A huge selection of equipment and a bunch of options for improving weapons or upgrading equipment.

Download Garena Free Fire APK for Android Free

Download: Garena Free Fire APK

How to run Garena Free Fire on your PC

To install the mobile version of Garena Free Fire on your computer, you will need to install the BlueStacks emulator first. To download the emulator, use the link, after downloading the BlueStacks, run its installation.

Download games from Google Play. Open the application store in the main window of the emulator, enter the name of the application in the search engine.

To download it to your computer, you will need to use a Google Account. To do this, confirm the account with a login and password, after which the game will be available for download and installation.

Install Garena Free Fire on PC Using Bluestacks

  1. Download and Install BlueStacks
  2. Open and run BlueStacks
  3. Choose the Market from where you want to Install it, Choose Play Store.
  4. If asked for ID, put it.
  5. Now in Google Play Store Click the Search button.
  6. Enter the ‘Garena Free Fire’ in it.
  7. Install The Game.
  8. Go To Drawer and Open the Game from Main Menu and Enjoy.

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