GOG Easter egg lets you play Pong and Snake

Companies often hide secrets in their games that sometimes take years to see the light. This practice is also common in various websites. If you are a GOG user , you may be surprised to learn that it hides an easter egg that allows you to play some classic titles.

Surely this option has been hidden for some time. If you do not know what it is, just visit the main page of the CD Projekt RED platform. Once there, you will have to use the Konami code to access a “secret” section with a retro aesthetic.

You will see a console and that will allow you to play Pong and Snake , titles that surely you already know. If you want to try them, you just have to press the keys up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B and A on your keyboard.

Now you only have to select the game of your preference and wait for it to load. Meanwhile, you can see some references to the The Witcher franchise on the page. You can enjoy both games for free.

Each one details the simple controls that you use, so you will not have problems playing them while you decide what title to acquire in GOG. Without a doubt, this type of surprises are always a good gesture on the part of the companies.

CD Projekt RED wants to improve the service of its platform. For this reason, he recently enabled player profiles in GOG. Thanks to this, users can customize their page with different backgrounds and have better access to the social options of the service. Go to this link to learn more news about GOG.

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