Google Keep already allows you to create subtasks, we tell you how

The application of notes Google Keep releases in its latest version one of the advantages of the Google Tasks task list application : the subtasks .

After several years of waiting, we can finally create subtasks in Google Keep , or have several lists in a single note. If you want to know how subtasks are created, continue reading.

Subtasks in Google Keep

When you are creating a list, you will now see a slider on the left side of the checkbox. To create subtasks you will only have to slide a task to the right . To stop creating subtasks you will have to slide the task to the left.

Keep lists

In this way we can add the set of actions (subtasks) that we need to perform to complete the task. Once all subtasks are checked, the main task will also be marked as completed. Or if we do all the subtasks all at once with the main task mark, all its subtasks are already marked.


It also helps us to have several shopping lists in a single note and not have to create several notes.

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