Google Now for Android

Google Now for Android is the personal assistant of Google, which is on most Android devices, this assistant is activated when you buy the mobile device, this means that automatically your microphone will be active all day, and what does this mean? ?

Apart from the fictitious fear that you may have that someone is listening to you, the battery consumption is crazy, your mobile device will not last the average amount of time, so, here in this post I will show you how to deactivate or if you want to use it, how to configure it to get the maximum possible experience.

With Google Now you can ask questions as simple as they are difficult and will try to answer you in the best way.

The use of this tool is through your voice, only activate the application through the command which is, Ok Google, after this say what you want to ask or perform an action, example: Ok Google, put alarm Monday at 5 am, another example, Ok Google, open Google Maps.

So simple you can run any command of this Android assistant, but you do not want to use it, you can deactivate it and follow the steps that I will tell you next.

Turn Google Now on and off on your Android

Go to configuration, this is on your top right Android screen, it is a gear, inside look for the option that says settings.

Followed by this go to staff and then Google, here will appear the section that says OK Google, inside you will have to activate all the boxes, it is possible that one or the other is activated, but if you want to activate for all occasions, they must be activated all . You can change to the language that the commands will understand.

Best of all, if you specifically want only Google Maps to use Ok Google, you can do it. In short, there are several alternatives available to configure.

Set up Google Now

Google Now is good for many things , you can have several tabs available and to check it whenever you want. You can use it to know news about your mail, if you have received correspondence or anything else.

To make the configuration, just press the configuration menu, this is the one on the upper left and has three parallel lines.

When pressing this button, a tab will appear, here press the one you want:

  • Recent : Here you will find the searches you did in Chrome, you can delete any history you want, just slide the tab to the side.
  • Reminders : Notifications or notes you have, you can manage the pending and change them to complete.
  • Customize : You will have the option to add any other tab you want, just put the name you want, such as work, home, favorite sport, hobby and many others.
  • Manage searches : In this section you can save any search you have done in the browser, and when you do not have wifi, you can review any search you did.
  • Settings : You can modify the commands of Ok Google
  • Send Suggestions : Google loves to know what you want and what you are thinking about the app, so comment something you did not like or what you like, and even something that you would like it to have.
  • Help : Here you will find a complete manual of the Google Now application.

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