Google Podcasts: Android podcasts app released

Now Android users will enjoy the official Google Podcasts app, which was released on Tuesday (19). The news is warmly welcomed as users of the iPhone’s iOS operating system already had an app for the format for years. Google Podcasts is now available for download from the official Android Store, the Play Store.

In Google Podcasts you can subscribe to your favorite shows and download episodes. According to Google, there are 2 million podcasts available for download on its list of programs, most of them in English. Google has stated that it intends to help in the dissemination of podcasts to Android users.

Google Podcasts

The application is quite complete, with playback speed control ranging from 0.5x to 2x, as well as useful buttons that allow you to go back 10 seconds or advance 30. On the home screen are podcasts up and down, separated by categories, such as: Comedy, Society and Culture, News and Politics, Arts and more.

There is also a screen that shows the new episodes of the program that was listened to, besides showing the ones that are in progress and those that have been downloaded. You’ll also receive program suggestions based on what you’ve already heard. The download and registration are free, and the possibility of downloading helps when you do not have internet because you can listen to them offline.

You can also automatically sync the app with several other devices, just like in Spotify. For example, you can pause the podcast on your smartphone to listen to it on your computer, where you can resume audio from where you left off, all done by the Google Assistant.

The company also says that various features with artificial intelligence will be coming in the future, such as automatic closed captions and transcripts of podcasts in other languages ​​in real time. Finally, everyone who has an Android 4.1 up, and a space of 111KB, will be able to download the app and enjoy the tools.

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