How to block calls from a phone number on Android (and iPhone)

The option of blocking  calls phone number exists in both Android  and  in iPhone , although the particularities of the first of the two systems (of Google), how to do this varies depending on the brand of mobile. However, normally they are usually tiny variations, so what we are going to tell you is valid for your Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or any other phone.

Why can a user need to block a number on the mobile? There can be many reasons. It is to start the harassment, with calls from a person with whom you simply do not want to talk anymore. In that case, the easiest thing is to block your number to prevent the call from entering your phone.

On the other hand, telephone spam is also very common. It has happened to all of us to start receiving commercial calls from different companies at untimely times. The easiest solution is to block the  phone number on your mobile , so you will not receive any more calls . Once you do, all incoming calls from that sender will be automatically diverted to voicemail. May the new law GPDR help mitigate, but some call will continue brewing.

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We explain how to do it in just a few seconds. The procedure is valid for both Android phones and Apple’s iPhone; just keep reading until you reach the section of your operating system.

How to block calls from a phone number on Android

Depending on the brand of your mobile there may be two ways to add a number to the blacklist of rejected : saving it as a contact before or directly blocking it, without needing to have it in your agenda. It is increasingly common to be able to add them to the rejected list without having to save them.

Here are the steps to follow in order to block calls on Android .

  • Access in the Phone application to the call log
  • Press the number you want to block
  • Select Add to Black List, Reject List or any other variant
  • If this option does not appear, open the menu and select Harassment Filter or the name the brand gave you
  • A third alternative is to click on the “i” icon to the right of the number and then on Settings. There add it to the list of excluded

How to block a number on the iPhone

That iOS is a closed system has its advantages. There is only one manufacturer, so what serves on one iPhone serves on the other. The trick to block incoming calls on iOS , too . It is very easy to add a number to the blocked list on the iPhone, as much or more than on Android.

  • Open the Phone application
  • Click on the “i” icon (Information) that appears to the right of the number to be blocked
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Block this contact

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