How to create a dmg image in macOS? (virtual disk mac)

There was a need to create an image of dmg? Empty or with the necessary files and folders? The program for creating a disk image in Mac already exists in your system and now we will tell you how to use it!

DMG is the disk image format used mainly in the macOS OS. If you try to open a DMG file, then it connects to a disk in the Finder. That is DMG = virtual disk on the Mac. But how to create a DMG? In this, we will use the program “Disk Utility” in macOS, which is already available on your system!create a dmg image in macOS

 Create a dmg image in macOS

We divide the article into 2 parts – in the first one we will describe how to create an empty DMG, which in the future can be filled, and in the second, how to create an image with the necessary content.

Create an empty DMG on a Mac

      1. Find the “Disk Utility” in Launchpad and run it
      2. Then click “File” -> “New Image” -> “Blank Image”
      3. A new dialogue appears in which you need to specify:
        • Drive name
        • Where to save the disk
        • Display Name
        • The size of the virtual disk
        • The format of the virtual disk (HFS + file system, FAT, ExFAT)
        • Number of partitions
        • Image format – read and write
      4. When you fill out all the necessary data, you can click save
      5. A DMG virtual disk will be created to make data into it simply plug it into the Finder and work as with a regular USB flash drive or disk!

Create a DMG with the necessary content in the macOS

    1. Find the “Disk Utility” in Launchpad and run it
      1. Then click “File” -> “New Image” -> “Image from folder”
      2. Select the desired folder, click on “Open”
      3. Specify the name of the DMG image, the location of the save, and also if you want no one to enter data into this file into the “image format”, select only the reading.DMG (virtual disk macOS) image with data created!Do you still have additional questions? Ask them in the comments, talk about what you got or vice versa!

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