How to customize the action when swiping in Gmail for Android

For years, when you slip an email to the sides we see how the action that the Gmail application for Android was to archive the mail, and there was no way to customize this behavior. Until today.

As of version 5.8.20 of Gmail for Android we can customize the action by swiping an email . Next we tell you how.

Actions when swiping

If you have already updated the Gmail application to the latest version you will only have to go to Settings> General settingsand enter the new option Actions when swiping your finger

swiping in Gmail for AndroidThere you will see how we can say what action we want Gmail to do when we slide an email to the right or to the left .

The options that we find are to archive (default), delete, mark as read / unread, move to, postpone or do not take any action.

swiping in Gmail for Android

With this new feature, the user can now customize Gmail to his liking, adding to the gesture of slides the two most used actions to manage an email.

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