How to download all photos from Instagram?

Have decided to delete your account, but before that would like to download all the photos from Instagram? It turns out that this is not difficult at all!

In one of the last articles we told how to “get”  other people’s stories,  and today we will share the secret of how to download all your photos and videos from Instagram!

Download all photos from Instagram

In order to download all photos and videos from the social network Instagram do this:Download all photos from Instagram

  1. Go to this web address
  2. Enter your login and password
  3. to the attached phone number will come the confirmation code, enter it in the browser
  4. Specify the mail, after which you will be sent a link where you can download all previously uploaded photos and videos on Instagram

Do you have more questions? Write them in the comments, tell me what you got or vice versa!

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