How to listen to the news of your favorite radio stations with the Google Assistant

The support of Google  Home brings us to the Assistant Google ‘s daily news briefings that now we can use in our mobile devices.

The Google Assistant has begun adding radios in Spanish from Spain, Mexico and the United States. If you want to know how they are used and how they are configured, read on .

Add news sources

To use this novelty the first thing we have to do is configure our favorite radio stations. To do this go to the Google Assistant> Settings> My day> News , clicking on the gear icon to access your settings. There, click on Add news sources .

In the new window we can now click on the list of countries to select our language and region. We will see the list of radios they offer and their daily news summary . At the moment they are few but it is expected that over the next few days the main national radio stations will add support to the Google Assistant.

In the option Change the order of the News section we can say which radio station we want to listen to the first and the order of the others if we have selected more than one news source.

Once the news sources have been selected, we only have to ask Google to “listen to the news” and automatically begin to reproduce the daily summaries. By default it will also reproduce the news when we ask to listen to our daily summary .

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