How to quickly clean all Whatsapp “fats”

Whatsapp is one of the most widely used messaging applications on Android and iOS smartphones . Practical and efficient, it is still an appwith its problems. Main? The space you use with automatic downloads of all kinds of photos and videos, from the newborn images of the distant cousin in the family group to the funny meme a friend sends every day. But there are tricks to solving this problem.

The primary solution is to use the WhatsAp settings itself to manage storage data. See how it works on the iPhone and Android and free up space, lots of space.

Then follow. In this option you will see all groups and conversations that have videos and photos. Load the ones that take up the most space, and within each one, you’ll be able to delete all messages, videos or photos in each conversation. Click on “manage messages” and delete what you want (it has a “right” arrow next to each sub-topic, so it only deletes photos and videos if you want to keep messages).

Caution: If you want to save a specific image or video, use the application that manages your photos and upload them to the Internet (for Google Drive or iCloud, for example) or save to a computer when you connect your computer to the cable. All files are deleted from your smartphone and can not be recovered by using this option.

There are apps in app stores ( App Store and Play Store) that let you do the same thing with this Whatsapp setting in a simple way. Some have the option of viewing the photos before deleting, which Whatsapp does not. However, if the goal is to delete the photos one by one, the best recommendation is to do so through the album that is created in the photos application when you install the messaging app .

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