How to recover photos, video and other files deleted by mistake in Windows

If you have deleted files by mistake, or thinking that you would never need them again, and then you have seen yourself in a hurry, do not worry, as we show you several methods to recover deleted files in Windows 10.

Although it may sound like a task worthy of a ” hacker ”, recover deleted files from Windows 10 is a fairly simple task, since there are many programs that help us do it. There are both native Windows and third-party applications that give us a hand when recovering deleted photos, videos or files , but also when it comes to prevention.

Below, we show you several methods to recover photos, videos and other files deleted in Windows 10 , that do not take too long, that are quite guided and that work in the vast majority of situations. Of course, we must bear in mind that restoring an erased file is a task that becomes more complicated the longer it has passed, especially if the file has a considerable size.

That said, we go with different methods to recover deleted files in Windows 10 .

Create restore points in Windows 10

Creating a restore point in Windows 10 is a simple action and, moreover, not only serves to protect us from deleting files, but to get restore to a previous version in case a system update fails, which is not strange .

To create restore points in Windows 10 , we must search for ” Create a restore point ” in the taskbar. When we have it, we go to the tab ” Protection of the system ” in ” System properties ”. We will see that the option of ” Create ” is blocked, but all we have to do is to give ” Configure ” and activate the box that allows us to create restore points.

Once done, we give ” restore system ” and choose the chosen restoration point, depending on the date.

Recuva, the miraculous application

We have already told you about Recuva before. When we tell you how to restore deleted files on Android , we recommend Recuva. And, it is a very popular application that uses powerful algorithms to find our lost files.

In addition, it is free and is in Spanish, not to mention that it is updated very frequently. It is signed by those responsible for CCleaner and is quite powerful and effective. You can restore Recuva through this link and, once installed, you will see several files that can be recovered. Thus, it will give you the option of trying to restore all deleted data from Windows 10 , an option that takes time.

If you know what you want to restore, you can search directly between photos, songs, documents, videos, compressed files and even emails. The next step is to choose the source of the search. We can choose the hard drive, the SD memory or the folder in which we know the file that we have deleted and we want to recover .

When we search with Recuva, different files will appear, each one marked with a color. If the file is green, we have had good luck, we can recover it. If it is marked in yellow, part of your data is corrupted. And if it is marked in red … we can continue to lash out at having deleted it in the first place.

When we mark the files that we want, we click on the button ” recover ” from the bottom left and we cross our fingers so that everyone goes well. We select the saved folder … and that’s it!

If you have not found the file, there is one last attempt with Recuva. Go to ” Options ” and select the option ” Deep Scan ” and ” Show files deleted safely ”. The scan time will be longer, but it’s a last chance to find the deleted files in Windows 10 for free .

Professional program to recover files from Windows 10

If Recuva has not served you, you can always use a professional data recovery software . There comes into play Stellar Phoenis Windows Data , a program that, although it is paid, has a free version that will allow us to recover up to 1 GB of data.

You can download the program from this link and, once installed, you will access the search selection screen. The best thing is to give ” All ” to try to recover all the files, even folders, without discriminating. Of course, if you are clear that it is a document or a photo, you can discriminate so that Stellar Phoenis Windows Data Recovery takes a little less.

We can also discriminate taking into account the focus of the search, if it is a specific partition or folder. This is very useful, since the application, by default, takes time to find the deleted Windows data .

Exactly like Recuva, when it finishes it will offer us a preview of the file and it will give us the option of recovering it. If you have not found it, you can select the deep scan option and repeat the process. If you still do not show signs of life, you can fire the file.

Have you looked in the trash?

Maybe you are getting too complicated and everything would have been solved by looking in the bin. Windows and macOS send the deleted files to the trash, where they remain unless we schedule a periodic cleaning or if we do not manually give ” yes, I want to undo this ”.

Before you get overwhelmed, remember that they can be in the bin. That is something that has happened to us all and that, as the designers of operating systems know that we are careless, they have incorporated into other devices. And, of course, it is the easiest method to recover deleted files in Windows 10 .

Have not you noticed that in Android and iOS when you ” delete ” a photo or video tells you that it will be 30 days in the trash? For something it will be … Now, before overwhelming you thinking that you have lost something, you already know different ways to find lost files in Windows 10 .

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