How to transfer files from Mac to Windows?

macos-hard-driveYou have a Mac or Windows computer and you want to transfer files? We will try to help you as much as possible to solve your question “how to transfer files from Mac to Windows”.

If you need to constantly switch between two OSes macOS and Windows, sooner or later there will be a question about transferring files from one operating system to another and back.

The complication arises from the fact that macOS and Windows use their own file systems, on Mac, it’s HFS + and APFS, on PC it’s NTFS. Actually, without dancing with a tambourine is not enough.

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Transfer files from Mac to Windows and back

There are several ways to solve your problem and that it was easier for you to navigate, we will tell you about each separately!

 External hard drive or USB flash drive

Remember at first they said that the operating macOS and Windows use their own file systems? So, there are two file systems that allow you to exchange between two OS files – this is ExFAT and FAT32.


How to transfer files from Mac to WindowsFormat the hard drive or flash drive ExFAT and FAT32 to share files between the Mac and Windows.  

What should I do if your hard drive is formatted in NTFS and there are many files on it that can not be lost? macOS can copy files from NTFS, but do not write to have the ability to write it is necessary to buy an NTFS driver for Mac.

For Windows, there is also a software for the task:

Cloud Disk

An excellent solution how to transfer from PC to Mac files will be an option to get yourself a cloud disk. Google, Yandex, Dropbox offer everyone their cloud drives by installing their clients on their computer, you have the opportunity to share files over the Internet and synchronize them on different computers.

Cloud disks have disk space limitations (you can buy extra), so Google Drive provides free 15 gigabytes of space, Yandex Disk 10 gigabytes, Dropbox 2 GB.

The local network

If you have sufficient knowledge of building local computer networks, then you can take this method of solution for file sharing between two operating systems!

Do you still have additional questions? Write them in the comments, about what you got or vice versa!

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