IPhone anti-invasion system with iOS 12 has already been hacked

This week, news reports that Apple is developing a feature that prevents companies from hacking iPhones  and collaborating with the FBI in investigations. It is worth mentioning that the security agency has a big fight with Apple regarding cases in which requests the unlocking of iPhones .

Apparently, the new feature is expected to arrive on iOS 12, but what Apple does not know is that it may not be as secure as you might think. This is all because hackers have already managed to circumvent the extra protection provided by the company. The information was revealed this week. The company responsible for hiring the resource is Grayshift.

Grayshift has already made future proof of its technology and said they have already flouted this feature in the beta. In addition, GrayKey has incorporated future features that will begin to be used over time.

The above excerpt refers to an internal company email. Grayshift says the company already has an easy way to bypass Apple’s new security system, which is being called the USB Restricted Mode.

Apple has developed such functionality to limit access to a locked iPhone through its USB port. This causes the Lightning port of the device to be disabled one hour after the user blocks the device and prevents the attack of programs that may violate the passwords.

We contacted Apple’s press office in Brazil, which did not comment on the matter.

As we can see, even if Apple itself does not want to collaborate with the FBI in unlocking an iPhone, companies are already specializing in doing so, that is, looking for alternatives to selling solutions to the United States police as well as to others countries.

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