Iron Throne Review

Old people can still remember the first global strategy such as Total War: Shogun . It seems that this game was one of the first, in which you could actually see the clash of two armies from a bird’s eye view, and then zoom in and look at the carnage from a close distance. Huge numbers of people on one screen were too severe a test for the technique of those times, so that all the men on the battlefield were sprite, two-dimensional. 

Moreover, to preserve the processor’s power, all of their animations consisted of just a few frames, alternately replacing each other. In general, the brave war of the Shogunata looked pretty pitiful. But, having removed the camera, you could enjoy a full-scale battle. Missing details to the player dorisovyvalo imagination.

In 2K18, the battle of huge armies does not strain any mobile phone. Over the past couple of years, many developers have been able to take advantage of this, hurrying first to deliver hardcore gamers their favorite “stone-scissors-paper” puzzle in the format of mobile tactics. But a fresh product Netmarble called Iron Throne offers more than just tactical battles. 

This is a real epic Chinese MMO, whose goal is to provide the player with the widest possible gaming experience. With the inevitable limitations that impose on the game the general concept of mobile gaming and the free-to-play model of monetization.

You still will not read the dialogues, so we shamelessly proppoylem all the plot of the plot. A long time ago some suspiciously similar Sauron villain decided to destroy the world, collected a large army and almost overcame the good guys, when suddenly the good guys pressed the red button and defeated the enemy, in the process of perishing all the team. Many years later the player comes, turns out to be the Chosen One and begins to prepare for a second fight with Evil and does a lot of good things.

In general, yes, the player by birth right relies on a castle that has long collapsed and requires some effort to restore the former glory. This part of the gameplay of Iron Throne is rooted in classical Chinese farms. This means that you will each time collect a huge number of awards simply because you are so cool and wonderful (it is always nice, you will agree) to build a huge number of identical buildings and then to pump each of them ten times (and again get rewards for it ), and then come to harvest. In the castle everything glitters, all its inhabitants are pleased with you, free rewards are pouring in from all sides: in general, a person who has ever visited the Asian market, here you will not be surprised. On the one hand, it quickly bothers you, but on the other hand you really want to come back again simply because you know that you will be loaded with a freebie.

As the level of the buildings of your castle increases, the general level of the Lord will increase. This will open up access to new gameplay features, which we will not mention here – simply because for their listing it will take several pages of text. Just know that the game modes in Iron Throne is huge and the standard farm is not limited.

When there is no strength in the castle, it is necessary to take troops and advance to the enemy. As already mentioned, the game operates according to the standard triangle scheme, when each type of unit (infantry, archers, cavalry) has an advantage against one type of enemies and weakness in front of the other. Well, plus catapults, which are equally inefficiently ironing all sorts of troops. 

With this player and will have to work the lion’s share of time: the number of units that can be taken into battle is limited. Take a balanced army or give preference to someone alone? How can we deploy troops so that they most efficiently distribute forces? Where to hit a giant meteorite to win a fight? These and other questions have made the genre of tactical strategy popular.

Iron Throne Review

In addition to the army of small people, the player also has a handful of Pokémon who are called Heroes. These are ordinary fighters, only growth like Godzilla, each with its own set of abilities, personal level of pumping, equipment and personal characteristics. And if sending an army for abuse of some wild monster, you can not be afraid of unexpected surprises on the battlefield, be sure: in an attack on another player or in complex plot tests you will definitely meet a couple of such on the side of the enemy. So do not forget your Heroes, pump and develop babies. They are your key to victory, and not a handful of infantrymen, whom they squeeze in ten orders a day.

In general, as the mobile tactic Iron Throne works perfectly, simply because it does not break down what does not need to be corrected. The classical system with different variations on the playing field is quite well implemented, so that it would be interesting to play it as a casuals playing in a farm, as well as a veteran of the shogun troops. Another question is that, before normal fighting, a hardcore player may not get caught up in the construction of farms and the cycle of Chinese awards. Or maybe, simply refuse to play because of personal dislike for the game process of the mobile farm. 

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