Just Dance Brazilian Championship: Ubisoft and Cinemark announce new edition

The second edition of Just Dance Tour, the Brazilian Just Dance Championship, was confirmed by Ubisoft, which announced that the national competition for the best selling dance game in the world will be held again in 2018 and will have the unprecedented partnership of Cinemark, the largest cinemas in the country.

With this, the Just Dance Tour becomes even bigger and will have presence stages in ten cities: in São Paulo / SP, Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Belo Horizonte / MG, Salvador / BA, Recife / PE, Brasília / PR, Goiânia / GO, Porto Alegre / RS and Natal / RN. Just like last year’s edition, the big winner will secure a spot for the Just Dance World Cup, a tournament that brings together the best just dancers  on the planet.    

The partnership with Cinemark will give new impetus to the competition, with several regional qualifiers held in the network’s movie theaters, which will be specially reserved for the Just Dance Tour. With this, fans and enthusiasts who are accompanying the competition will also be able to experience a totally immersive way to have fun with the game in a unique and very lively environment. In the qualifying stages, the winners will be defined by the score of the game itself and the competitors can sign up to participate in more than one selective.

Bertrand Chaverot, director of Ubisoft in Latin America, said “The Just Dance Tour is a very democratic tournament that takes incredible energy from Just Dance to the whole of Brazil. It is the ideal opportunity to meet in face-to-face stages thousands of players who want to have fun with their friends and, of course, can still win a place in the World Cup of the game, as happened with Tiago ‘Viagonce’ Silva, who has just played the competition in Paris. Partnering with Cinemark is key to expanding the competition, reaching new venues and providing an ever better structure for competitors and the public. ”      

Ubisoft takes Just Dance 2018 to the movies

Bettina Bolkis, director of marketing for the Cinemark Network, said: “The partnership with Ubisoft goes beyond making room for in-game games. There is a great connection between the two worlds and the Just Dance Tour is an opportunity to offer an experience Cinemark for all participants, both for those who will compete and watch. We are very glad that the Network has been chosen as the stage for a competition like this! “

The winners of the Just Dance Tour regional stages will compete for the national final at a venue to be unveiled by Ubisoft and Cinemark. In the decisive phase, the dispute model will be the same as in the last edition, with stages defined only by scores of the game and others with the participation of jurors.

The regional classifications of Just Dance Tour will be able to be accompanied by the public in person, through the purchase of tickets that will cost R $ 30 (R $ 15 half-way). Those interested in competing, can register in their respective squares for R $ 90 (R $ 45 a half).

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