Lenovo laptop cheap on offer for 299 euros

During the next 12 hours , Amazon offers the Lenovo Ideapad 320 with a really low price (and free shipping) . It is a cheap laptop ideal for anyone who is in search of a device for day to day without spending a large sum of money.

The Lenovo IdeaPad series was designed to serve any type of consumer, whatever their needs and budget. The 320 model , in particular, is  the most economical , designed for everyday tasks such as browsing the Internet, viewing videos or checking email, among many others. And right now it’s on sale at the lowest historical price .

This computer on offer has a HD screen of 15.6 inches and 1366×768 pixels resolution, has 4 GB of RAM and  500GB hard drive . Although it does not have an operating system (means you must buy it separately or install a Linux distribution), its processor is the Intel i3 and does not have a CD / DVD reader (it is optional). 

Get the Lenovo IdeaPad here on offer

As for the design, it is thinner than previous models, with greater simplification of the edges. The color available in the offer is black . It also weighs only 2.2 kg: in short, a laptop of discreet and comfortable style. 

Since it went on sale in September of last year, the  average price of the Lenovo IdeaPad 320 has been 362 euros , but today you have the opportunity to get it for the lowest price it has had so far, that is,  299 euros . Right now on the Amazon website with this offer you would be saving 30% of its previous price. 

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