Mozilla works in a web browser that is controlled by voice

Mozilla revealed that he is working on a web browser that is controlled by voice. This is the Scout project and the goal is for the application to surf the Internet and consume content through voice.

Little by little, the virtual assistants have been gaining ground . Its use is spreading, especially thanks to the popularization of intelligent speakers, and it is expected that in the future we will be able to carry out many more tasks through voice commands.

Since the trend is that the interaction with devices will increase, manufacturers have launched their own virtual assistants, and developers to adapt their applications to offer support for voice control. 

Mozilla is preparing for the times that are to come with Scout, a browser capable of receiving spoken orders and serving content . “With the Scout application we began to explore navigation and consume content with voice,” says the organization. One of the show commands that Mozilla taught in his presentation was “Hey Scout, read me the article about polar bears.”

The development of a browser that is controlled by voice can have positive implications for the evolution of Mozilla, since it would allow it to gain a dominant position in this niche. According to StatCounter , the market share of web browsers is led by Google Chrome with 58% of use, while that of Firefox is only 5% . Having a browser with proven and stable voice control would place you ahead in what spoken interaction is concerned.

Mozilla explains that, at the moment, it is a project that is in its initial stages , so it has not given many more details about Scout nor does it know an approximate date of launch.

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