Navi would be the heart of PlayStation 5

Just finished the E3 2018, the great fair of the video game industry where we see the titles that will come in the coming months, but also those games that will dazzle us in a few years. In addition, it was the first fair where the new generation of consoleshas been mentioned : PS5 and the new Xbox .

At the Microsoft conference, Phil Spencer, head of the game division of Redmond, said they were working on the next generation , an upcoming Xbox that, by the words of Spencer, will follow the traditional model of consoles.

Sony has not made any mention of PlayStation 5 , but the some games shown in his conference give you to think and, as some have pointed out, they could be intergerenational games (released for both the current generation and PS5 ).

In addition, although PS5 has not said anything in this E3 2018, is the platform of which more ” know ” following various rumors and leaks in the industry. A few months ago we told you that one of the technical teams of Sony was experimenting with the first generation of Ryzen as the core of PS5 .

This would perpetuate the relationship between Sony and AMD, since the company was responsible for the APU (chip that combines CPU and GPU) of PS4 and PS4 Pro. A Ryzen processor would give more computing power thanks to the higher frequency of each of the processor cores, and the GPU could be like the ones that AMD mounts on its G processors.

PS5 with Navi from AMD

Now, thanks to new leaks, we may already know something more about PS5 . And that is, Navi could be the PS5 GPU . According to the roadmap of AMD, Navi will be the generation that will replace Vega, the current GPU generation of the company that has not performed as it should and that we should soon see with a manufacturing process of 7 nanometers.

The focus of Navi will be the performance, with a power (according to estimates) of a GTX 1080 Ti, but with a lower consumption and a much faster memory thanks to the use of GDDR6 modules. In addition, the price would also be a trump card for these graphics.

Cyberpunk 2077 is another of the most powerful games presented at E3 2018.

According to TweakTown , Sony and AMD are working hand in hand for PS5 Mount Navi , which would mean a significant increase in power compared to the current generation and would bring us a processor that can be Ryzen first generation, but powered by a GPU last generation.

And, with Navi AMD hopes to perpetuate its GPU built in 7 nanometers. Going down from the Vega 14, the current generation, at 7 nm Navi would mean an increase in power that can go up to 30%, but also a decrease in consumption. Maybe 30% more power, if those end up being the numbers, it seems small, but the real evolution should be in the processor.

The games, especially since the arrival of the consoles of current generation, have been adapting to some processors that did not measure up in many cases. The processors of PS4 and Xbox One are not at the ” height ” of other sections, such as the bandwidth or the capacity of the GPU.

Therefore, although Ryzen is a technology of last year, if applied correctly from next year can give us many joys when handling elements such as artificial intelligence games.

Release date of PS5 and the new Xbox

Now, what will be the launch date of the new consoles? There is, of course, nothing set, but it is estimated that 2020 may be the launch year of PS5 and the new Xbox . If we look at the AMD roadmap, Navi will be the GPU generation that will arrive at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 and will be focused on the game at 4K and 60 frames per second.

There is nothing on the table right now, but the release of PS5 and the new Xbox could be closely linked to Navi itself as a sample of AMD to show the world the versatility of its graphics chips, from consoles to dedicated graphics cards between the end of 2019 and the end of 2020 with the first generation of Navi.

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