New Spider-Man trailer for PS4 from San Diego Comic-Con

The San Diego Comic-Con 2018 has served as a framework for Sony to present a new Spider-Man trailer for PS4 focused on the history of the game developed by Insomniac Games. Do not miss it!

The superheroes always have great prominence during the San Diego Comic-Con and in the edition of 2018, which is being held at the moment, could not miss Spider-Man . Sony and Insomniac Games have taken advantage of the event to show a new trailer of the exclusive game of PS4 and deepen with it a little more in the history of it. At the top of this article we leave the new trailer for Spider-Man for PS4 so you do not miss anything.

As you can see, this trailer shows, at last, the classic Spider-Man suit that we saw for the first time yesterday . In addition, the video also serves to confirm the appearance of a new villain in the game: Silver Sable . And to make matters worse, Sony has also taken advantage of the SDCC 2018 to present the PS4 Pro Special Edition Spider-Man and the PS4 Special Edition Spider-Man . 

September 7 will be when Spider-Man is released exclusively on PS4 and also new editions of the Sony console. Recall that in Spider-Man for PS4 we will see Marvel characters like Miles Morales , Mary Jane , Aunt May , Scorpion , Rhino , Mr. Negative , Vulture , Norman Osborn , Shocker  or  Kingpin  and some of them could be very related to the side missions , although Venom will not appear . While we wait, we invite you to read our Spider-Man prints for PS4 after playing it on E3 2018.

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