Next generation consoles may be the last and Microsoft promises to keep up with this evolution

We may be about to witness the “death of the consoles,” according to Yves Guillemont, CEO of Ubisoft.

The executive believes that the “traditional” console is in full swing due to new game streaming technology , which enables even laptops with simpler hardware to run heavy graphics titles.

According to him, there is a good chance that the next generation of video games is actually the last, and that with the popularization of streaming games, the production of gaming hardware will decrease more and more .

But although Ubisoft is one of the leading developers of console games, Guillermo does not seem concerned:

This will help the triple-A (more elaborate) gaming industry grow much faster. We will have to work on making them available to make sure they can be played on any device, but the fact that we can stream titles on smartphones and TVs without a console will greatly change that industry.

Next generation consoles

Meanwhile, Phil Spencer, the boss of Microsoft’s Xbox division, reiterates that the company will follow this development:

Our focus today is to answer the question “What can Microsoft do for games?”Instead of just responding to competition. […] I care less about those who play Minecraft on an Xbox One, but I’m focused on those who play Minecfaft on whatever console they have in front of them. Regarding your specific question about future generations of consoles, that’s why I see games evolving beyond the generations, and I’d like to continue to evolve multi-generation hardware as well.

Spencer has been in the future of games and even favors this kind of technology.

Nintendo, in turn, basically responded with something like “Everyone needs to buy a Switch before we can talk about what’s going to happen – Sony, then, did not even answer the question .

What’s your opinion? Are we facing a future where there will be no more physical consoles, and all the gaming will be directed to multi-platforms through streaming?

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