Nine apps that almost nobody knows but have more than 100 million downloads

The list of most downloaded applications of Google Play is hugely boring: they are more or less the same as always. If you have been on Android for some time, you can surely recite your memory names . Today we will not talk about them, but about other applications that are very downloaded but less known .

For this, we have focused on the downloads of the 100 million downloads. Do you think everything is Instagram , WhatsApp and Facebook ? No, here you will find nine other applications that accumulate more than a hundred million downloads and are not as well known worldwide .



IMO is the acronym of In my opinion and also the name of this application of messaging and communication from California that, in my opinion, is like a sad version of Snapchat. You can hardly do anything in it apart from sending stickers, texts and photos. Of course, it also has Stories .

IMO Messenger harvests more than 500 million downloadswithout having any star function, make more or better than other applications. Its main advantage seems to have been to arrive before, since it is another dinosaur of the web video call like Fring or Nimbuzz, which started in 2008. Today it remains at the top of the list of downloads in countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran.

imo video calls and messaging

Android version: from 4.0

  • Developer:
  • Download it on: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication



VK may not tell you much, although if we call it by its specific name, VKontakte , you may already hear something else. You could say that it is “the Russian Facebook”, although such a statement probably offends both parties. It even has stories and masks that, yes, work exactly the same as in the Facebook application.

VK has accumulated more than a hundred million downloads on Google Play despite being virtually unknown outside of Russia and being available in English. Technically and visually it is fine, and it reminds us of Telegram, although a social network without your friends probably does not attract much attention.


VKVaries by device

Traffic Racer


Traffic Racer is an infinite race game with a rather uninspired name in which you take control of one of the cars with the best transmission in the world to travel on the longest straight road in history while avoiding crashing into other vehicles.

The game itself is not bad , although there are hundreds of infinite games with names, icons and similar functions, we can not tell you why this has managed to pass the one hundred million downloads and others not.

Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer

  • Android version: from 2.3.3
  • Developer: Soner Kara
  • Download it on: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Racing

Glow Hockey


What can be more exciting than hockey? The brilliant hockey , of course! This game by the creator of Virtual House Racing 3D and Glow Spin Art has exceeded one hundred million downloads and has an average score of 4.1 with more than a million and a half reviews.

The game resembles Air Hockey games with neon aesthetics and allows you to play against the machine or against another person. It’s one of those simple concepts that simply work: addictive and frustrating in equal parts

Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey1.3.3

DFNDR Security


If I ask you about an Android antivirus application you probably come up with names like AVG , Avast or Mcaffee before the unpronounceable DFNDR Security , one of those applications to the Clean Master that also erases unnecessary files that cool the CPU or Increase the speed of your WiFi. Read all this with quotes.

DFNDR is an application of the Brazilian PSafe , which has been developing security applications for years. In the debate on whether an Android antivirus is necessary , the more than one hundred million downloads on Google Play from DFNDR show that there is still interest in this type of tool.

DFNDR Security: Antivirus, Accelerator & Cleaning

DFNDR Security: Antivirus, Accelerator & CleaningVaries by device

Bigo Live


This live video broadcast application Made in Singapore has been promoted quite aggressively through ads in applications. The main interest is to follow the net-idols and know more about what they are doing via video, a concept that triumphs more in Asia than in the West.

Although videos containing people smoking, sexual acts or illegal content are deleted, the concept of “getting famous” based on what you see in the camera attracts all kinds of wildlife , which probably justifies part of its one hundred million downloads in Google Play

BIGO LIVE - Live Broadcast

BIGO LIVE – Live Broadcast3.14.0

The Bible


The best-selling book in the world also has its application. It is not the most downloaded yet, but give it time: for now it accumulates more than a hundred million downloads. This bible is directly uploaded to the 21st century, with advanced features such as bookmarks, notes and underlines that remain stored in your account.

It also includes social functions , and that is that your underlines are shared and can be commented by other people. You also get badges while you read the word of the Lord and you can get information on many other related topics.


BibleVaries by device

Sweet Selfie


If you were given a penny for each application to make selfies … you would have a lot of cents. Here you have another: this Sweet Selfie with more than a hundred million downloads on Google Play. With it you can make selfies with filters, add stickers and create collages .

What’s so special about Sweet Selfie? Not really much. They are more or less the same functions and filters available in all applications, although I recognize that the sticker to add chocolate tablet is the least curious.

Sweet Selfie - Candy New Name

Sweet Selfie – Candy New Name2.52.446

  • Android version: from 4.0.3
  • Developer: Ufoto
  • Download it on: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Photography



We finish our list with Xender, also with more than one hundred million downloads, and whose purpose is to allow you to send files between devices : videos, applications, music, photos … It is cross-platform, available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

For some reason, it is integrated with Hungama (an application of music videos from India) and Hotstar IPL (a streaming video service from India), which probably does not interest you very much if you are not from there. Here are a few alternatives to send files between mobile.

Xender - Fast Transfer

Xender – Quick TransferVaries by device

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