Nintendo America talks about the most anticipated games of the company

The head of marketing at Nintendo America talks about the most anticipated games of the company
Nintendo America continues to patch the mess that was the Direct of E3 . If last week it was Reggie FIls-Aime , the president of the subsidiary, who had to leave to remind us of Nintendo’s support for his portable console and silence the rumors, now it’s Bill Trinen , the marketing manager, who clarifies in What situation are the most sounded absences.

“There were more games that we could have included in E3 but since there is enough time left we prefer to concentrate on the titles that will be published from now until the beginning of 2019.” “We wanted to teach what is ready to be taught, that does not mean we have stopped working on what we presented last year,” he argued after making it clear that right now the focus of the marketing department of the company is in Smash Bros. . and Pokémon Let’s Go. Trinen ensures that Nintendo’s strategy will be based on this moment in giving information when the departure date is near and not in tempting fans for years with various promotional materials on distant titles on the horizon. For this reason, we have no news of the new Pokémon title or the continuation of the Metroid saga .

Regarding Mother 3 , Trinen says that the company is fully aware of the huge number of fans who have the franchise but says that one of the things they are working on is how to reintroduce the IP so that it can attract new interested . Compare the situation with Animal Crossing. The head of marketing says that the success of Pocket Camp has been a point in favor of the series and does not doubt that it will contribute to the success of the new installment of the saga: “We have proven that mobile games are a great opportunity at the time to introduce an IP to new consumers. The fans are enjoying the experience while others are introducing themselves for the first time ».

On the game of Yoshi for Switch , Trinen confesses that the absence is due to a delay in the development “[The team] has been making a lot of progress but they want to make some improvements so they have decided to take more time”. Nintendo’s website lists the departure date for 2019 and Trinen says that in a few months we will see news.

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