Onrush Game Review

It is impossible to start the Onrush analysis without mentioning the team behind it. The former developer Evolution Studios, creator of one of the most addictive games to launch PlayStation 3, MotorStorm , returns to the fold with a new job now under the aegis of Code masters but still maintaining its residence in Cheshire.

MotorStorm was, undoubtedly, one of the most important releases of 2007. That video game changed the way to enjoy driving with huge tracks, duels over the mud, tactical use of the turbo and a bestial soundtrack. Another reason for its success – at least a small part – was that we could drive the vehicles with a feature that promised different uses but was quickly relegated to oblivion, the Sixaxis or motion sensor. A novelty included in the first PlayStation 3 controller (without Dualshock -vibration-) that beyond games like the sought after  Folklore or Lair we could not enjoy fully.

Onrush (PS4) screenshot

Evolution came to take three more titles under the brand MotorStorm and ended up being a renowned saga that dazzled thousands of users. Your sales may not have been as thick as a Gran Turismo chapter, but if you say your name at any meeting of friends, more than one will remember the day you bought your PlayStation 3 console next to your first iteration. With the arrival of PlayStation 4 the studio went to work in creating a new intellectual property, an ambitious video game – also driving – of great quality with which they had many problems in its launch, especially in its online facet. However, the British managed to correct their mistakes before closing the blind of Evolution Studios. Driveclub, the game to which we refer, remains today a highly valued driving title, with spectacular graphics and good playable manners.

MotorStorm meets Burnout

With the incorporation to Codemasters of practically all the equipment of the already defunct Evolution Studios in 2016, the mother company gave free rein to the imagination of the creatives to form their next videogame, one in which they returned to feel comfortable. The result is Onrush , a product that borrows elements from its beloved MotorStorm brand, where they add features of titles such as Burnout . But Onrush is not only a mixture of driving video games , it also brings together novelties never before seen in the genre that give a breath of fresh air to it. And often blow!

Onrush (PS4) screenshot

Onrush has no races, has no podium at a glance, has no final positions and does not have a host of other things that are so common in car games . So what the hell is Onrush ? A playable delight that will make us enjoy four and two wheeled vehicles in a totally different way than we are used to. It is a way of seeing the same special, a twist that has only occurred to the same minds that made us enjoy with MotorStorm .

Codemasters reinvents the driving genre

To give you an idea, Onrush is a kind of competition game -firmly supported in the online multiplayer- between teams of six players where our position on the track matters less than Petete’s private life . There is not a certain number of laps, neither prize for arriving in first position -because it is not possible- and it is not even important to overtake. There are four game modes called Overdrive, Switch, Countdown and Lockdown where beating in gummy duel with the opposite and our skill at the wheel will depend on the victory or defeat of our team. It is important to emphasize that Onrush has only these game modes and can quickly bore the player, especially whenOnline Quick Match usually leave the same modes over and over again continuously. It is very appreciated that Codemasters wanted to innovate in the driving genre but four modes become scarce after a few hours of play. However, we are sure that if Onrush is a success in sales could lead to a continuation with more modes that would add to the classics of now. In favor of the balance is the fact that the bites between players are the order of the day and the main objective of each of them is blurred when we have someone between the eyebrows and we want to hunt him or by pushing him off the track , crushing him in a jump or making him hit a wall.

Overdrive is perhaps the way that best shows the philosophy of Onrush . In it we must chain impulses-turbos-to fill as many times as possible our Rush bar , a special ability given by the vehicle chosen, and thus get more score than the opposite. Switch is a elimination race where players -12- start with a motorcycle and change their vehicle up to three times each time they are eliminated from the track. The team that has made the least changes wins. Countdown is a mode that forces runners to go through checkpointsin order to add time to the team’s chronometer and the losing group being the one whose score reaches zero in the first place. And perhaps the most interesting is the last, Lockdown , a mode where players must conquer a circular area that moves through the track up to eight times while maintaining our position in it.

Each mode is different from each other but also the way to play. This is because there are eight kinds of vehicles available and each of them has three unique abilities that adapt to each style of game. There are those who support the comrades by offering impulses, others overwhelm the enemies more forcefully and others apply altered states to the contrary. Two of them are motorcycles, agile and fast but at the same time fragile and dangerous. They are experts in crushing opponents and often get benefits by performing tricks in the air. Its handling is something different from four-wheel vehicles but driving with them is rewarding. The remaining six are divided between buggies, 4×4 or moles Hummer typeable to take everything that stands in their way ahead.

Onrush (PS4) screenshot

Eight vehicles, four game modes and a selection of very varied tracks of great size full of alternative paths ideal to ambush the contrary. We remind you that here our position on the track is not important and, in fact, the video game has a system called Stampede that puts the player at the heart if he advances or delays too much. That is, we will never go ahead or behind the action, so in some ways we will live a constant stress to avoid being attacked. We will drive through muddy areas, on the slopes of a volcano, in green tracks, in other construction tracks. The variety is the order of the day and their designs are worked.

As a last point, comment that in the online side, and to date, there are only two ways to enjoy the network of networks; Personalized Match and Quick Match . There is a gap called Qualifications that is not yet available but nothing more. No championships, no rooms to meet friends or another way to take advantage of the benefits of a fast internet connection. Yes it is true that in our tests everything has gone smoothly, without any hint of lag or problems in the execution of the games. In fact they happened quickly and found players instantly even before setting them to our liking. It seems that the team after Driveclub has learned from their mistakes.

Onrush (PS4) screenshot

To compensate for the lack of game modes, a small ” campaign ” mode has been added where we can play against the machine while meeting the objectives set by the test we play. They can be perform certain types of skills, deceive the opponents or get points. Completing each test 100% opens up access to new routes although the truth is that we will not take too long to complete this mode for a single player. On the other hand with the coins obtained by the challenges of the day or our milestones in the contests we have access to a large wardrobe of personalization of both the driver and the vehicles, visual signatures or celebrations among others. Everything works with the game money and, although there are loot boxes, you are offered as a reward when leveling up our avatar. Nothing is bought with real money . In the same way there are also rewards for actions such as getting medals that give the player a good sum of coins to spend in the game store. Completing all this virtual closet will take a few hours but, after all, everything is aesthetic and does not affect the gameplay at all.

Scandal audiovisual section

Onrush is effective both visually and auditorily . The guys behind Driveclub have developed a videogame of great graphic quality that, without coming to the fore in any of its facets -if perhaps in the sense of speed- can not be reproached for anything. It offers a fairly solid rate of images per second without any hint of falling, a sense of amazing speed, a distance of vision more than decent and scenarios loaded with visual elements. However we do want to point out that when the action is accentuated the video game suffers from a tearingbarely imperceptible but there it is. It does not tarnish the gameplay at all and in fact if you do not pay attention to the horizon you will hardly notice it. The climatological effects are also worth mentioning. They are not as spectacular as those of their previous driving title but they are effective enough to cloud the player’s vision and make him crash with any element of the screen.

Onrush (PS4) screenshot

The soundtrack is impressive and includes renowned artists such as DJ Kentaro , Brazilian Amon Tobin or Giraffage . Techno, Rap, Rock, Electronic and even Jazz as threads of what can be one of the best lists of music in video games of this 2018 . Anyone can sound during a game but when using the special ability of each vehicle it becomes dynamic and changes the third until the empowerment dissipates, all in real time. The video game comes completely localized to our language both in text and voices but unfortunately in this last point it is an absolute disaster. The voices both female and male are a real nonsense, a horrendous jobfor a title of this draft. Narratives lacking in intonation and full of laziness that ruin the experience completely. Luckily most of them are in the tutorials that teach each discipline or vehicle so once told we will never know more about them … although some comments will strain during the game.


Onrush is a risky but effective bet that offers us a different way to enjoy driving games. Although the importance of throwing our adversary through the air is part of the essence of Onrush, its innovative game modes are the fundamental pillar of which the Codemasters title is so recommendable. No other study to date had designed something of this style but it is also a delight. Against all odds, the implementation of them is natural and is played as if we had been enjoying something similar for years. It also helps that the arcade driving of vehicles responds superbly to our orders whether they are motorcycles or cars of greater tonnage.

If there is anything that can throw back future buyers is the absence of more game modes. Four seem to us scarce, especially if we stop to observe that they are only enjoyed fully in Quick Match. There are no tournaments, no liguillas -until the date-, no rooms where we can meet with friends, nor a split screen cooperative. There is only cooperation through the network of networks in Campaign mode, which has approximately one hundred challenges to complete. Yes it has a lot of unlockables but unless you are fanatical about the customization of your avatar, little else has to be offered except to amass money until exhaustion.

Onrush is a worthy spiritual successor to MotorStorm with new additions to enhance the gaming experience. Just plug the console and put yourself in command of one of your vehicles you will notice that the essence of it is there but improved. Even the interface has similarities with the title of Evolution Studios and that is always good unless you do not like MotorStorm. Graphically it’s a delight despite not being a leader and musically it’s the best we’ve had this year. Pity the dubbing in Castilian, very poor and quite foolish.

It may seem that emphasizing again and again the absence of more ways to enjoy Onrush we want to imply that the title is not advisable. Quite the opposite. Onrush is enjoyable even with only four game modes. The extensive catalog of circuits helps a lot to improve that important absence and the piques against other players become so epic that they leave in the background – sometimes – the main objective. The vehicles must balance a little more since we have seen some injustices but we repeat, that you do not throw this point back, you would be missing a great game.

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