Pokémon invades Japan with vending machines

Anyone who has ever been to Japan will know that in the Japanese country there are vending machines for almost anything (from soft drinks to sake cups, to prepared sushi dishes). Now there are also Pokémon machines that sell stuffed animals from Pikachu, Eevee (which, by the way, will star in adventures with Let’s Go for Switch ) and many other pocket-sized creatures.

As they point from Kotaku, these machines are official Pokémon Center (stores spread around the world where they sell merchandise from the GAME FREAK saga) and are located at Narita Airport, the Odaiba water park, the Ebina service area in Kanagawa, and the Ashigara service area in Shizuoka.

pokemon_maquina_expendedora.jpg screenshot

The machines, with menus in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, are totally digital. On a large touch screen a playful three-dimensional Pikachu welcomes the prospective buyer, and while directing the look (or its tail) to one side or another of the screen, we are shown some of the available products.

Many Pikachu and few Mimikyu

Among the available stuffed animals there is, predictably, Pokéball and a host of Pikachu with different poses and outfits (including aviator). But there are also Rowlett, Mimikyu, Lapras, Ditto and, of course, Popplio .

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