PUBG has lost more than one million players since January (and the numbers continue to fall)

‘PUBG’ was the star game of 2017 reaping amazing numbers day after day. Today, however, his situation is far from ideal as it is pointed from pages like SteamCharts . The numbers indicate that of the more than 3 million concurrent players with whom it closed last year, it would already be in little more than 2 million .

They are still amazing figures, of course, but they show a clear exhaustion of the formula. In fact, if we go from the average figures to the peaks of each month, in January ‘PUBG’ managed to simultaneously move to 1,584,887 players, while last May it has a peak of 879,429 players enjoying the title of Bluehole

The slow development, an incomprehensible issue taking into account the amount of money they have bagged to date, coupled with the incredible growth of rivals such as ‘Fortnite’ would be key to understanding those figures. It is true that the numbers of PC users are being added here , not taking into account those of mobile devices, but we must bear in mind that the records obtained by the game are those related to that same platform.

‘PUBG’ needs an urgent push and, thanks to the new Sanhok map and the tournament with two million dollars in prizes, it may well hit a rebound that helps calm the waters. But we fear that to stop bleeding players at the rate that is doing, requires much more effusive attention and care, not legal battles .

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