Review of “Knight’s Progress”

Review of “Knight’s Progress”: a chess puzzle

“Going Horse” is a chess puzzle that pleasantly surprises with simple, but addictive gameplay and charming graphics.

The game stands out prominently on the background of other novelties on Google Play, as among numerous logical applications chess puzzles are rare. “The course of the horse” is based on the ancient task of finding the route of the horse, known since the 18th century. The essence of the problem is to find a way in which the horse will go through all the cells of the board once. In this case, the problem has several methods of solution.

Moving with the letter “G”, the player needs to collect all the coins scattered on a small field. There is one condition – the cell of the field is destroyed if you step on it twice. Exception – stone cells.

Obstacles to the player, apart from the collapsing cells, will serve as spikes of different sizes. Stepping on the small one, the horse will lose one coin, touch the big spike – the heart-life will be lost. To pass a level of three stars, you need to collect all the coins and not lose a single heart.

The game has more than one hundred fascinating unique levels with various awards, not counting additional secret locations. Awards are given for achievements.

Improvement system

There are several horses in the game. One is available immediately, the others are opened as the levels pass. You can pump horses by buying shields (they help to save coins), hearts and bonuses.

Tips for the game:

  1. Do not neglect the purchase of a new horse, because it has improved characteristics and has specific capabilities.
  2. You need to try to pass the levels to the maximum number of stars – for this are given secret locations and prizes.
  3. The received bonuses it is better not to spend – they will be useful for levels with horseshoes.
  4. All hundred levels of the game can be passed without using bonuses and improvements. It’s difficult, but possible.

“Going Horse” is an interesting and unusual chess puzzle, equally fascinating for both adult players and children. Of the merits of the game you can note the original gameplay, beautiful graphics and pleasant musical accompaniment.

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