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The gaming on mobile platforms has grown greatly in recent years, since games worthy of consoles have been released. So much so that we have already seen several games ported to this platform, the last one is or will be Fortnite, depending on whether you come from iOS or Android. So much so that several brands have already launched their mobile gaming, such as the Razer Phone or the Xiaomi Black Shark . One of the most popular games today is the Asphalt 8, which almost without thinking, it has been almost 5 years between us and that is why its renewal, the Asphalt 9: Legends, is about to be released definitively .

We had already seen some details about Asphalt 9: Legends and the truth is that it promises a lot, so much, that it is likely to become one of the best games we can find in the Play Store in terms of graphics and realism. Today we have seen that we can already pre-register for this game , which will arrive between this month and the month of August, competing with you to Fortnite, which is also falling and is expected to arrive for this same month.


Asphalt 9 promises to be a revolution in mobile graphics

Asphalt 8 is very spectacular. It was from its launching and is that between the graphs of the game and the adrenaline that we felt in the races by its speed and aggressiveness are addictive. As we have seen in the trailer of Asphalt 9: Legends, this new installment of one of the most famous driving sagas on Android promises to be the most spectacular and frenetic . Gameloft wanted to continue racing without pause, where accidents occur with small punches at high speed and where acceleration and graphics are the protagonists.

As you can see in the trailer, they have improved practically everything in the game, although we do not expect a big change in the controls or in the mechanics of the game. This new version will feature HDR graphics for those terminals compatible with this technology on its screen. While the video is very spectacular, we must take into account the graphic power of the terminal where we move the game, because not all devices can enjoy that graphic quality and that fluidity, but being such a popular game, we are sure that It will be optimized to the maximum.

If you are interested in this game and want to be the first to play it, we leave you the link to Play Store, where you can pre-register and receive a notification instantly published definitively. Anyway, we are sure that since its launch it will become one of the most popular Android games and one of the most played games this summer.

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